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Our Platform

Who We Are

The Baltimore County Progressive Democrats Club works within the Democratic Party to advance progressive policies that put people first at the local, state, and federal levels by:

  • Endorsing and supporting progressive candidates

  • Working to increase voter registration and voter turnout

  • Ensuring the community is heard by elected representatives and the media

  • Proposing and supporting legislation in the Maryland General Assembly and the Baltimore County Council

  • Respecting people impacted by systemic discrimination by actively soliciting their input, hearing their voices, and supporting their priorities

Our Positions

  • Accelerate the increase of the statewide minimum wage to $15/hour while indexing to cost of living and broadening it to all workers

  • Support workers unions and the right of employees to unionize

  • Provide affordable housing and address homelessness in a humane and just way

  • Achieve pay equity for women and minorities

  • Reduce income inequality through progressive tax policy 

  • Mandate paid family leaves

  • Fight child and family poverty and its consequences

  • Increase resources for small business development

  • Achieve regulatory fairness for all businesses

  • Reduce corporate financial and economic concentration

  • Increase consumer protections

  • Eliminate means testing based on marital status

We seek to achieve these goals by actively and frequently engaging with elected representatives and the citizens within Baltimore County communities, encouraging increased voter registration and participation, and supporting candidates and legislation that advance these and other progressive positions.
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