Testimonials for Candidates

We asked the eligible voters of BCPDC to write testimonials for their favored candidate in anticipation of our upcoming endorsement vote. Here is what we received.

Bernie Sanders

I planned to talk about Bernie Sanders’ authenticity and lifelong commitment to justice and equity. Then the world changed overnight, and we’re in a crisis that makes everything else seem trivial. But there’s another urgent and existential crisis: climate. COVID-19 has shown we are capable of a mass mobilization; we need one on the same scale for climate.

Bernie understands the urgency of the climate crisis. Sunrise Movement rated Sanders 183 out of 200 points. Biden earned only 75. 

Sanders also understands that the pandemic impacts the poor, working, and marginalized people most heavily. The pandemic is devastating and urgent, but it’s also temporary. Currently, all focus is rightly on the pandemic, but it’s also shown the urgency of systemic issues. It’s still a primary, and we should endorse the candidate who best aligns with our values, not just for the election, but for the ideological battle as well.

– Sheila Ruth